Looking to Recruit some Rad Female-Matching Players for Tues/Thurs this summer (Div 2/3)

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We're looking to welcome some new female-matching players to our roster this year! Life, travel, and school have cost us a few too many of our returning ladies!

Our teams are:

  • Fun, supportive, spirited
  • Competitive - we like to play hard, but don't sacrifice spirit or moving the disc around for it.
  • Closer to our 30's in terms of age - which means we do things like bring tents on rainy days and yell things like, "You used to catch that when you were 18!" (and are welcoming of all ages!)
  • Into BBQ - on-field BBQ is a real problem for us as it usually means twisting arms to get people to play points. The upside is that we're often eating, so, decent trade-off.

Specifically, each team has it's own flavour:

  • Thursday: Competitive play and player development blended together - great team to get or give coaching and try things you wouldn't normally (no-look thumbers). Each year we add a few new players who are new to the game and try to help them grow. Most of the roster are people who started playing w/ us! -- Div 3
  • Tuesday: Focused on spirited, competitive play. Won div II last year (by relying on iso'ing our ladies). Great team for a seasoned player who wants a nice blend of competition and fun. -- Div 2

Should you join us? Well probably, if any anything above sounds good to you, and these statements describe you:

  • You've been playing ultimate for a few years, or are 'graduating' from some other sports and would like some coaching to help grow as an ulti player. 
  • You believe that competitive play and spirited play go hand-in-hand and have a high standard for what that looks like on the field (i.e., no on-field shouting matches)
  • Think Ryan Reynolds is cool. Detective Pikachu in theaters soon and I can't wait.
  • Are looking to play on Tues/Thurs this summer in Div 2/3.
  • (oh and are female-matching).

Extra bonus points if you're willing to be an assistant captain or are comfortable in a leadership role - we'd love if you were willing to mentor some of our newer players and be an on-field leader if that's who you are!

Hit me up here by commenting if you're interested! (I'm purposely not including my phone # so I don't get any more CRA scam calls :->)

Hi! I'm a thirty-something FM longtime competitive player who recognizes that heckling=love, and rather irrationally still does the same crazy things with my body that I did in my mid-twenties, just with more laments about being old. I'm moving to Vancouver on July 1st (new Prof at UBC!), and while I know that means I'll be missing a good part of the season, I'd love to play once I get into town! A bit about me: I've been playing since 2002, with a gap during my PhD, first in college (U of Rochester), then with various US and international Club teams.. Most recently, I played for Outbreak in Atlanta (Womens, while coached by Miranda Roth Knowles and Maddy Frey; we finished third at USAU Regionals), and then Ant Madness last year in DC (Mixed, a fun team with friends, finished 8th at USAU Regionals). I'm a defensive player and flexible mid/deep cutter. I'm fast. I'm really committed to spirit of the game; I was the Spirit Chair for Atlanta's ultimate league while I finished grad school there. My MM partner is also looking for a team. He's less experienced than I am (he's been playing for I think 7 or 8 years), but he's a chill, consistent handler with excellent disc movement skills. I know you didn't post for a MM player, but if you happen to have a space and would be willing to give us a chance, we will bring beer, joy, painful-looking but somehow effective layouts (Cat), and sick backhand breaks (Jason).

I sent you an email (I thiiiiiiiink, @VUL how do I forum)!

Bumping my own post up! We're now looking for one female-matching player to join our Tuesday (Div 2) team. BBQ, FUN, ULTIMATE. Come play!