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My name is Justine and I have been playing ultimate for 3 years back in my country in the Philippines. I would like to join the event and play with people from different cultures. I honestly just wanna play ultimate!!

And I'm looking for a team to play in for the summer league or a pickup game.

Please let me know,


Hi Kim,

My Wednesday team has room for another lady, we're in div 3.

We're a really fun group, always with a drink on the sidelines and often going to the pub after.

Let me know if you'd like to join!



Hoy KJ! hahaha...

Sali ka samin! Balak namin mag tournament!

eto number ko 6047545431

Hi Justine :)

My name is David. 

I'm on a Thursday night team, Div.5 (out of 8 divisions) that could use another female player. Contact me here or text me at 604.727.4998.

Hope to see you on the fields one day :)