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Leo By Leo

We lost a few players because some can't make it to the the games and long vacations. We are A Thursday Div 3 team (MaximuM). We are a young team and you can reach me by e-mail.

Leo By Leo

Needs girls too please

Bad timing. I've been looking for a team but will be away for the next 2 weeks. Sounds like you've

got enough people who can't make it out on Thursday.

Rats. If you still need people in 2 weeks (like that's going to happen), keep me in mind.


Leo By Leo

Our team is in div 2 now

WE really need some girls? anyone?

I'm away for a while but if you need girls two weeks from today, let me know. I don't mind being on your sub list. Contact me through: ladypheasant@hotmail.com

Leo By Leo

I think right now, our team do not mind more girls, but maybe in two weeks, things will change.

ps. we've got lots of guys now, thanks

Leo By Leo

Still looking for a girl or two

hi im Dara.over in Vancouver for the summer.there's a large group of us(14)who all play at different standards.we have 3very interested guys and one very interested girl.we've all played at top level in ireland and would hope to be good enough to play here.no ties at the moment so we can play whenever!were all relaxed people who love the sport so please ring me if you want any of us to play with you or if there's any pick-up games going. number is 778-8986594.thanks,