LOST - gold necklace pendant at Winona Park

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I lost a shiny yellow gold necklace pendant at Winona Park last night (August 23). I think it fell off on the middle field somewhere, not far from the playground.

The pendant is flat and circular (the size and shape of a penny). It has a sheep / goat engraved on one side and a chinese character on the other. I've uploaded a image to this craigslist posting of what it looks like (mine has a sheep, not a pig though): http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/laf/5748576380.html

This was a gift from my grandmother and is incredibly sentimental in value to me!! If found, please contact me. I would be incredibly grateful and can offer a cash reward if returned. Contact info below.



cell: 1-250-891-8931
e-mail: ericahiroko [at] gmail.com