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Hey guys,

New ultimate player here, was just on reddit earlier and read a post about meeting new people/making friends and everyone seemed to suggest ultimate!

I've tried the sport a few times in highschool and liked it, I also live right outside of Winona park and can ALWAYS hear you guys shouting, honestly sounds like a great time. Saw a few jerseys and I love the team names too.

So I know I'm not super good at the sport yet, my throws are pretty crappy, where do you guys suggest I go from here as in progressing/getting on a team? I read that you guys do practices/offer a new to ulti orientation?

My girlfriend has also expressed interest in joining a team so that makes two of us.

Thanks guys!


Hi Stanley, 

If you're looking to develop your skills and improve in the sport, clinics and camps are a good place to go: Clinics happen intermittently throughout the year, often in the weeks between seasons, and there is a beginner and intermediate camp in Summer and Spring respectively. In terms of looking for a team to join, you have a few options. You could try signing up for a hat league, putting yourselves into the team match-maker (which opens for each new season), signing up for placements or posting on the forums here. The next scheduled league season starts in Jan/Feb with registration usually in December, so you should be on the look out for that. 

Best of luck!