Male player looking for team in 2019 winter turf

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Experienced male player looking for a team this winter, I've played since highschool and I coach highschool level as well. Can play any position but prefer handling, good on all defense options. Can also carpool with anyone from surrey. 

Hey Michael. 

We are looking to pick up a guy.  What Div were you hoping to play?  We will be in Div 4 or 5. 

Let me know. 


4-5 works for me, Im looking to become a better player so that sounds like a good spot


Did you find a team? Looking to replace my spot on a Thursday - div 2

Yes I've already found a team, sorry. I ment to take the post down. Good luck


Hi Jezza,

Read your post and was wondering if you're still looking for a guy. Im an experienced player and adjusts as necessary. You can reach me through my number. 604-644-4483.