Mascot, Vancouver Nighthawks

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Job Requirements
Upon being hired by the MLU your position will require you to participate in every home game and any additional events your team may participate in. Vancouver Nighthawks home games are scheduled for Saturdays at 6pm on April 16, April 30, May 7, May 21 and May 28 with the possibility of one additional game in June for playoffs. Mascots will be asked to arrive early to games as well as stay until its conclusion.

In game responsibility will include acting out emotions through exaggeration, taking pictures with fans, interacting with players, participating in time out events, and signing autographs.

Game Day responsibilities
Pre-game: Be sure to arrive early at your designated time and check in with your teams Event Coordinator.  This is when you will be given your game day script and will be informed as to what time out events you will be asked to participate in.
During-game: As a team mascot you will be asked to be perform in different events, some will include dance offs, merch throwing, relay races etc. You will also be asked to frequently to go up into the stands and take pictures with fans and especially kids!

This is a paid position. Please send a resume to Robyn Hughes at if interested.