Masters Format Changed Back to Single Header

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This year we decided to add a Masters options during Summer League. This idea was based on feedback we’ve received over the past few years in Summer League surveys. We thought we we’re making a good decision that would have a net positive impact on players and teams in the league, but we’ve realised that this isn’t the case.

Since making the announcement we’ve heard from several existing teams that the Master’s format option on Monday nights didn’t match their team’s needs. Here is the feedback we’ve heard:

  • Many teams are already masters teams but with a few younger players on their rosters. Those teams would not be able to choose the Master’s option. Some of these teams are single-header teams who would no longer be able to play on Monday nights at all.
  • Switching from Mondays to Wednesdays for single header teams is very challenging since so many of the player’s schedules revolve around family
  • It’s much more difficult to assemble a team of only Masters players that can all play on the same night.

As result, we’ve decided to remove the Masters Format for this year, and switch Monday nights back to the Single Header Format.

The Single Header Format is geared towards family and older folks. If you are in the process of assembling a masters team, we encourage you to consider Single Header if you’d like a more relaxed experience, or the Regular Double Header Format if you’re looking to play more competitively.

We're sorry for the inconvenience this will have caused some teams and players. When we realized we made a mistake, we wanted to ensure the best outcome for you, our members, to be able to continue to play fun and spirited ultimate in the VUL. 

Hey, shame it didn't work out, but I appreciate the clarification about why the rethink was needed.