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does anyone know if/when any masters teams are training?

has Grind started yet? who is a team contact?


There is conditioning training on Saturdays 10am at Winona, but no practices yet.

Grind tryouts are early May (an 'official' post is expected soon).

m2c By m2c

GRIND tryouts/practices are as follows:

April 24th - 10am at Winona

April 30th - 6:30pm at Winona

May 8 - 10am at Winona

This information is on the Calendar Events listing, but is not showing up on the Calendar itself for some reason.


What if you cannot make all the tryout/practice times? Can you just do 2 out of 3 or something

m2c By m2c

Due to the number of Ultimate events going on in Late April and Early May (Prime Tournament, Clinics, Sunflicker, Udder Bowl, etc...) we understand that not everyone will make it to all 3 tryouts. Make it to the ones you can, and when you are there make sure we get your contact info on our list of names.

Going forward it is likely that there will be a practice of the 1 or 2 teams on Tuesday, May 11th. Tuesdays will be the practice night for the summer.

what's the age requirements for Masters? Can't find it anywhere on the site....

Forget the last post- I found it. 32 yrs old- for those wondering

Actually, it depends on whether you're thinking CUPA or UPA Guidelines.

CUPA: CUC 2004: Player must be 32 years or older on Dec 31st of 2004

UPA: The minimum age for the 2004 UPA Masters Open Division is 33 for men and 30 for women (age as of 12/31/04)

So, if you're 32, and your masters team also wants to go through the UPA's club circuit, you can't help them... although you *can* bring them water and towels :)