Moving to Vancouver - where do people live?

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Currently living in downtown Toronto - basically right at the CN Tower. Looking to move to Vancouver and am naturally looking downtown Van - west end. A few times Kitsilano has been suggested, and one friend I know who is moving is east side (Main st?) - apparently some newer area?

I realize Kits doesn't seem all that far, and that there are lots of condos downtown, but do a large majority of people "live and play" downtown, or is it not really the equivalent of Toronto? Here, virtually my entire friend group is close to the downtown area and the only times I venture further are random family gatherings or a few friends living further, or to explore outside the city! Places like Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough

Just trying to get an idea of what the makeup of the city lifeblood is like, and how far friend groups live/travel from each other?


Also, I'm planning to be in Vancouver by the end of the year - looking for a team for the winter league if anyone is in need of a tall female! :)

Hi Kaitlyn, there aren't actually a lot of fields downtown. Because of this lack of proximity to the fields, when I was looking for a new place to live, I did not look downtown at all. (I also work in Richmond so that would increase my transit time). I currently live at Main and 4th and love the location. Cambie and Broadway (and maybe 5-6 blocks south) tends to be a really excellent location with access to the Skytrain. It's very central. 

PS: search for Vancouver Womens Ultimate on Facebook and request to join the group. It's a female-identifying players only group for finding teams, subs, learning about tournaments, chatting ultimate, and whatever else needs to be discussed.