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Related to the last rules guru email... Does the following scenario require a check?

Offensive receiver makes a catch close to the ground. He looks up, and asks if it was up or down (ie did it touch the ground first). Defence does not have a good perspective to say. Offensive teammate says looked good. I understand a ground tap is not necessary as the disc has not moved, but was this a "stoppage" in play if the defence didn't really dispute anything? Does the offensive player (now thrower) need to announce disc in?


Yes, this counts as a stoppage.

Based on what?  This is not a "dispute."  Play on.

"is it up or down?" is not a call, so not a stoppage in play... in my opinion.

If the exchange is a "discussion" then it is a stoppage. Whether this particular case warrants being a stoppage is to some extent a matter of judgement at the time by those involved, but such a "was it up - I didn't see - did anyone...?" exchange can easily take long enough to disrupt the flow and stop the play. Most likely it was a stoppage, so no "gound tap," but a check would be necessary, which involves the *defense* calling it "in play."


II.S: Stoppage of play: Any halting of play due to a call, discussion, or time-out that requires a check or self-check to restart play. The term play stops means a stoppage of play occurs.

"If the exchange is a "discussion" then it is a stoppage."

II.S. defines itself as a halting of play that requires a check.  A dispute is a discussion that halts play and requires a check.  Asking a question does not require a check.  


What constitutes a stoppage of play is poorly defined and leaves some room for interpretation, there is no definitive list of situations when a check is required, and "dispute" is not defined.

While asking a question might not require a check, asking this particular question ("was the disc up when I caught it?"), referring to several players to ask about perspective and coming to a decision likely takes enough time that play is interrupted ("halted"). If the original poster was asking if a ground tap was required, I'd think that the exchange was not trivial. Based on that, I would think that a check is required.

The amount of time it takes for someone to respond to his question (which is completely unnecessary since no one has called it down) is irrelevant because play has not actually stopped. Nothing is stopping anyone on the field from continuing to play. You're basically saying that if no one responds to his question, then it's not a stoppage because there is no discussion, but if a defender says "I dunno man, didn't see it" then you have to stop.  That is ridiculous.


The main differences between the simplified version you present ("someone asked an unnecessary question") and what the OP asked are that the question the OP refers to was being asked by one referee to thirteen others, and that the answer determined which team had possession.  He didn't know if the disc was up, and he was effectively disputing the outcome of the play. If the marker was able to assure him the catch was good as he got up from the ground, maybe there would have been no interruption and play would not halt. As described by the OP (with a few inferences), I maintain that it was a stoppage and requires a check. If the actual events were substantially different than what I described, maybe the answer doesn't apply.  
You're right that the player could have not asked his initial question and played on since there was no call, but he was being honest as all players are expected to be.

Thanks for the insight folks.  As Gin-Boh inferred, there was a short stoppage, probably around 10 seconds, during which the receiver asked if he was in, defence looked at each other to see if anyone had a good perspective, and his team mate came up and said it looked good.