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My team, It's Business Time, is looking for some guys and girls to play with us on Wednesday nights in div 7.  We have mixed levels of experience with some seasoned and some newer players, so all skill levels welcome.  We're a pretty relaxed group who will occasionally go out for beers after games.  If you're interested or have a question, just reply to this message. 





Hi Glen where do you guys usually play? I can do weds nights, I'm living downtown van.



Hi Jason,


Games are held throughout Vancouver - so one week you can play as far west as UBC and the next week in east Van.  Basically, wherever this an available field in Vancouver, there are VUL games played there.


Let me know if this still interests you and I'll add you to the roster.





Hi Glen,

I'm interested if you are still looking.  I played for one season 2 years ago.



Hi Glen,  I'm interested if you still have space.  Male, fairly new, but have played a couple seasons.


Hi Glen, are you still looking? My friend Alex (he's male) has a few seasons of experience. My name is Alex(andra) too and I've been playing for a decade. We're looking for a friendly team to join. Please let me know! alex_tse[at] 

Hey Glen

I'll be moving over to Vancouver in about 3 weeks and am keen to play. I've been playing in Sydney Australia for almost 2 years now and can play pretty much whatever position. Hit me up if you're still looking for players.



Hi Glen! If you still need a male and female my boyfriend and I are interested. We both have played ultimate before but it's been awhile since we played on a team. We would love to get to meet some new people and play/train.
Please contact me by my email, if you still need players.

Thank you!

Erica Bell