Need a player or sub? Try Matchmaker!

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Use Matchmaker to find new players for your team, or one-time substitute players, too!

First find an active league under the Games menu, and then select Matchmaker in the sidebar.

Use the filters to select the type of players you need. 

Then select the people you want to contact, and click "Contact Selected Players" to email them!

Is this still working? I'm having trouble finding the Matchmaker for either Fall Turf League or the Fall Open Leagues.

(Matchmaker page says "To access Matchmaker, hover over the Games menu and select the league you'd like to join, and then select Matchmaker in the sidebar." -- But I don't see it in the sidebar on those leagues' pages.)

Hi Holden,

We are still working on getting matchmaker working for the turf leagues, but the grass league should be working in the mean time. 

It's now functional for the turf hat leagues!

Jib By Jib

I am looking to join Summer league team i have been playing for past five to six years. Would love to join your team any day is fine.

I'm having trouble finding the match maker function for summer league. It doesn't appear to work on my phone?

It's under Games -> Summer League -> Matchmaker. Note that you need to be signed in to add your name. Does that help?

For additional tech support, please email

1 adult Male looking to join summer team as permanent or sub. Available Monday-Thursday. 

Hey, i am looking for a team on thuesday, 23th of july. I am a pretty experienced player from germany.

Best regards!