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Dear members,

We have recently launched a new feature that allows you to subscribe to all of your upcoming scheduled games across all of your teams in active leagues using your favorite calendar application. To use this feature go to MyVUL and click on the "Subscribe" link at the top of the "My Schedule" section.


This will take you to the "Subscribe to My Schedule" page, where you can click on the "Subscribe" button to enable the subscription service (alternatively, you can access this page directly from this link:

Enabling the subscription service will generate an ICS file and links that you can use in a calendar application such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar (iCalendar), and Mozilla Thunderbird. This ICS file will contain event information for all of your upcoming games in any active league. The VUL will update the ICS files nightly to make sure that the latest game information is sent directly to your calendar app. This means that you will get your most up-to-date game information automatically in your calendar every day! (Please be aware that not all 3rd-party calendar apps will display updated information immediately. For example, Google Calendar can take up to 12 hours to refresh the display.)

If you have any questions or ideas for improvements to this feature, please let us know by emailing We are always looking for ways to improve your experience.

Best regards,

Michael Dorsey

Web Systems Manager

So happy to finally see this!


  • The ICS should include calendar name - at least "MyVUL" - right now in google calendar the default name is the webcal address.
  • Would vote for the entries to include the opponent in the event - right now my calendar is just 2 events for each night - would be nice for each to be unique with opponent name.
  • Can the location field be filled in? I think both iOS and Android now read these address for upcoming calendar entries - good for driving directions/reminders instead of digging into details

Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.

We unfortunately cannot automatically set the default name in Google Calendar. However, you can manually change it by doing the following: in Google Calendar click on the gear icon, then "Settings", find the VUL calendar on the left-hand menu under "Settings for other calendars", click on it, then change the "Name" field to whatever you want.

For this first release, we have included all additional information such as the opponent's name and field location in the Description field. So that information is available, you just have to dig in a bit. The reason is because the various calendar applications treat the various fields differently and we didn't want to customize it too much yet. But going forward, we can look to improve it using your suggestions.

Thanks again,