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Hello Everyone,

I would like to join a team with a skill level of beginners to frisbee, but quite active. I would also like a team that is around my age, 30. Could anyone please let me know if they need a female player fitting this description?



nep By nep

Hi, Lindsay.

If you're interested in playing on Thursday nights, that has the most awesome theme and fun of any team ever(*), then let me know -- our team is called East Van Halen. We're a beginner to intermediate team, and I know we are looking for another woman. You can email me at for more details.


Hi Lindsay!

If your available Monday nights, you'd be welcome to join our team of your description. We are a bit on the younger side, but are more than welcoming and a few of us are still learning. Text me at 778.772.1407 if your interested.

You would be welcome to join our team. We are called Fez and are playing Thursday nights. Id love to hear from you if you haven't already found a team. (Christina-604-417-8310)