A New Mixed Team in Vancouver

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A message from Mike Clay and Lucas Spiegel:

Over the course of many long drives to tournaments, we have discussed how in Vancouver ultimate there are typically two types of teams that go to tournaments:

1. Elite Club Teams (open or women's)

2. Pickup / League Teams (mixed)

Your options are either the intense financial and time commitment of playing open or women's (1), or just finding random pickup teams throughout the summer (2). We would like to start a new coed team that finds a middle ground between the two. We want the fun and challenge of having great practices, improving as a team, and working toward common goals, without the potentially life crushing commitment required to play elite club ultimate.

We plan to have one mandatory practice per week, with additional sessions as needed. We'll start open practices in April, and aim for 4-6 regional tournaments, with an emphasis on finding good competition and having fun.

If you are interested at all please send us an email or fill out this simple form: http://goo.gl/forms/VsjrrWwpud 

Thanks, and feel free to forward this to your frisbee brethren!

Mike Clay and Lucas Spiegel


ps. We will, of course, need a woman or two in the leadership group. Definitely get in touch if you're interested in stepping into that role.