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Do you play mixed league? Do you wonder how to step up your game? Do you want to play more competitively? Did you know there is a NEW mixed touring/club ultimate team forming?
Join the discussion and stay up to date on details here:

The highest level of ultimate being played on the world stage is mixed 7-on-7 grass at the World Games. At the 2016 Ultimate Canada Conference, Brian Gisel, a representative for the World Flying Disc Federation, stated that if Ultimate were accepted into the Olympics, it would be in this form. Despite the high level of prestige attainable for elite athletes playing mixed ultimate, BC did not send a single team to the Canadian Ultimate Championships in 2016.

Vancouver Ultimate League has over 5000 members (with an estimated 10 000 players in the greater Vancouver Area), primarily playing mixed ultimate. We have a large, wonderful, and strong community. We are capable of filling this void and creating a long lasting mixed touring program as well as supporting Open and Women's Ultimate.

Joining the facebook group does not commit you to playing, or trying out, but it does give you the chance to voice your opinion, support the growth of a new team, and to stay in the loop for mixed ultimate.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Update: You can now respond to this survey. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and would be a great help.
We have an image of the team we would like to build and it would be great to know if that is reflected by the community.