T.O. or disc back?

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nep By nep

Had the following situation on Monday and could use an expert opinion...

Player O1 has the disc.

Player D2, covering O2, calls (a legitimate) pick.

Player O1 doesn't hear and throws the disc to O2. O2 catches the disc and also does not realize that a pick was called. O2 then throws a huck down the field to O3.  O3 does not catch the disc, oh no!

Question is: Is that a turnover? I don't think so -- I think that play is supposed to stop with the outcome of the throw from O1, and that the disc should be returned to O1, even though D2 feels like it should be a turnover.

What actually happened was, after a lengthy on-field discussion, O gave the turnover to D, and we all kept playing.

Back to O1. The continuation rule only applies to 1 pass. This applies to both a second pass that is turned over and a second pass that did not affect the play that is complete.


nep By nep

Thanks.  Good to know!

How does the continuation rule only apply to the first throw? Nobody acknowledged the pick, so as far as the players, know they are still playing. Somebody has to acknowledge the call otherwise the play stands, no matter how many throws have been made based upon XVI C.

Back to O1. It doesn't matter that other people haven't acknowledged the pick, it has been called and therefore there is a one pass continuation. The acknowledgement of the call by the thrower is only meant to stop play before the one continuation pass is attempted. Regardless of whether the offense heard the pick call, it was made and therefore in the situation described above, the disc would stay with O1.