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Here is the link to the parity google doc. See who is on top.... who is the defensive champ.... and who can't catch. Updated weekly.


Nigel (Cock of the Walk) puts himself in the running for Manager of the Year with the Jorge/Tim trade. Moving the season points leader to make it under the cap but failing to mention that Team Kevin (Too Cocky) is picking up an injured player. #boohooteamwu

Team Allison (Any Cock-A-Do) has shipped off the league commissioner for not considering the stats last week. Will Greg bring punitive action from The Head Office in retaliation? #dontmesswiththeboss

Team Curtis (Cock Blockers) has been quiet this week choosing to deal in the shadows and not make public announcements regarding their roster decisions. This can only mean they are hiding something. Rumor has it they've been seen discussing strategies with Russian diplomats. #whatareyouhiding

Follow all of the drama, intrigue, heckling, and shady deals on the VUL Parity 2017 Facebook group.

Heckle your friends, track stats and create your own fantasy teams. Brave the elements and come cheer the great plays and jeer the poor decisions. #greatestshowonturf

Remember, individual stats are good, but teamwork is great.