Parity League - GMs and Stats Keepers Needed

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The VUL's new Parity League is coming soon! To help the league run smoothly, we need a few people who are interested in helping us. There are 2 types of positions available - please see below for details, but first I will explain how the league works. 

There will be 8 hat teams participating in the league, it is 5 on 5, regular turf rules apply. There will be an initial draft of players to be allocated to each team and every player is assigned a starting salary of $25 with an initial salary cap for each team. During each game, we will have a stats keeper assigned to each team that will be in charge of keeping certain stats (goals, assists, d blocks, drops and throw aways). Every player's salary will go up or down, depending on their stats and whether their team wins or loses. Our wonderful Parity League Commissioner will be in charge of recalculating each person's salary and assigning a new salary cap to the GMs. Players will then have to be traded between teams in order for each team to stay under the new salary cap - the idea being that the teams will end up being quite balanced.

General Manager (GM): (you will be participating in the league in this role)

- captain a team in the league (regular captain responsibilities apply, such as entering scores, etc)

- attend the initial draft meeting on Wednesday, Feb 10 

- enter your team's stats within 24 hours after every game (someone else takes stats)

- communicate with other GMs and trade players each week in order to stay under the team salary cap

- Reward? 1/2 off your league fees for this league.


Stats Keepers: (you will not be participating in the league)

- attend parity league games (not necessarily every week)

- keep stats for one team - goals, assists, drops, throw aways, d-blocks

- you will be given a spreadsheet with everyone's name and number on the team

- if you come for one week, your name will be entered into a prize draw. The more you come, the more you will be entered and if you come for all 8 weeks, you will be guaranteed a prize!


Email me at if you are interested in either position.