Parking at Trillium

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Half a dozen cars got tickets this evening for parking "other than parallel with the curb or edge of the roadway" [see bylaw below] on National Ave (close to the SW corner of Trillium W). But not all the cars that were parked perpendicular to the curb on that little section were ticketed; maybe it has something to do with how close the car was to the white line that marks the roadway? Those that didn't get ticketed were at least 2m away. Who knew?
Obviously it's nuts, because it simply makes sense to maximize the parking opportunities there; is there anything the VUL - perhaps with other field user groups - can do to lobby for an amendment...?
Anyway, something to bear in mind next time you're there...
18.1 Except as provided in section 18.2 of this by-law and section 4 of Parking Meter By-law 2952, an owner, registered owner, lessee or operator of a vehicle must not cause, allow or permit that vehicle to stop or park in a roadway other than:
(a) parallel with the curb or edge of the roadway;