Passing of a long time Ultimate player in Nanaimo: Luke Chandler

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Hello friends and fellow frisbee players. At times like this we realize that we are indeed a close knit community  and we find strength in our ability to grieve and celebrate together. 

Our dear friend Luke Chandler passed away Monday February 27 in a canoeing accident on Westwood Lake in Nanaimo. An eyewitness saw him fall from his canoe and tried to offer assistance but the cold temperatures prevented a successful rescue. Luke was recovered by RCMP divers early this afternoon and his mother Jean, uncle (Don) and brother (Joel) were at the lake to say their goodbyes. 

Luke was a cherished veteran member of the Nanaimo Ultimate community and he will be greatly missed by those that knew him for many years and those that had only recently met him. He enjoyed many years of ultimate having played in Victoria, Vancouver, Nelson and Nanaimo since the late 1990's. His family will be planning a memorial/celebration in the coming weeks and we will try to ensure as many members of the community are informed. If you are aware of people that knew Luke and are not on our distribution list please feel free to send them word. 

Luke was a close personal friend for many years and I now have a big hole in my heart. I look forward to sharing stories and conversations with each of you in the days to come. Please contact me at if you have specific questions as I, along with Graham and Patty Hill, Jay and Sue Clayton and Will Clyde and Di Jolly were able to support Luke's mom and brother during the search for Luke over the past couple of days. 

Warm regards,

Scott Northrup

Another update from Nanaimo:

Luke’s Memorial service will be Sunday, March 19 at 11:00. It will be at Bethlehem Centre, 2371 Arbot Road Nanaimo. Please feel free to walk along the path beside Westwood Lake before or after the service. From 1:00 – 5:00, a reception will follow at the Legion, Branch 256 in Nanaimo, 1630 Wellington Road East.

Luke’s very expressive face was a window to the depth of his caring about his fellow human kind and our planet. Those of us who knew him are lucky enough to have memories of poignant experiences. It is my hope that we can continue to share his impact on our lives.

At the community centre, we will share food, stories of Luke and pictures. If you have posted photos here, we would like to use them with your permission; we have a copy of Luke's 40th Birthday Party slideshow with some great pictures of him as a kid; for all other photos please email your special pictures of Luke to Scott at . Please make them in as high a resolution as possible. We will collect them for a slide show story of his life.

We will celebrate Luke’s life with a lot of sharing of special moments. We will have a camera set up to capture each of us as we try to recreate the most outrageous expression we’ve seen on his face. Also, with the aid of a microphone, we will be able to share the best of the stories we tell to everyone present. If you cannot attend, please send a photo of yourself as you mimic Luke’s memorable expression to me at [jeanchandler at telus dot net]. Please send your special stories of Luke to me in a separate e-mail. They will be read to the people celebrating his live at the community centre.

With Love, Jean Chandler