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Does anyone have some advice for someone who would like to start playing but doesn't have a team? Are there pickup games that are happening somewhere?

I've posted in the board about looking for a team but I didn't get any response, and it seems like there's many people like that. I haven't seen any intro groups for adults looking to get into playing ultimate. Could someone direct me as to where to search for such groups? Facebook groups? Any other resources?


Hello Arunas, 

My go to place, and where I've found teams before is through the 'Matchmaker' on the VUL website: There is one set up for each league that is team based. This is where I've found teams before!

I also think that most leagues you can sign up as an individual and they try to place you on a team. 

In fall and winter they generally offer 'hat' leagues (Covid has caused exceptions to this, so I'm curious to see what the offering is this fall), where EVERYONE signs up as individuals or small groups (2-3) people, and they place teams that are roughly equal in skill together. I've really enjoyed hat leagues, and often this is a good way to connect with other players who do have teams that you could join. 

There is a group that hosts beach ultimate pickup games on a regular basis - if you look up 'Vancouver Beach Ultimate' you should be able to find details. I've never gone but heard great things!

Hope this helps you connect with a team and start playing!