Personable Defense Drills at Ultimate Day

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There were a few people who asked the clinic leader of personable defense (Rena) for a copy of her drills, so we are posting this here for anyone who was interested:

Person Defense

  1. Intros and Chat about Defense (5min)
    • Anticipate where your offender is going to go
    • Stay in your optimal "triple threat" position
    • Footwork
    • Tips: Don’t turn your shoulders; Don't peek
  2. Defensive Angles Drill (10min)
    • 4-5 cones in a zig-zagging formation
    • Offense cuts between cones, D 3/4 run along, don't commit hips
    • Defense switches angles at corner
    • O and D both explode out of the corner 
    • Focus: footwork, staying in triple threat position, exploding out of corner
  3. Marking Drill (10min)
    • In partners
    • One person with disc fakes for 10 stalls, other person marks for 10 stalls, switch
    • Flick force and backhand force
    • Focus: move your feet, not your body; protect the around, challenge the IO
  4. Mirror Drill (10min)
    • In partners
    • Two cones (10 yards apart)
    • Offence cuts back and forth to the cones, defense mirrors movement
    • Focus: reaction speed, quickly keeping up with your check
  5. Getting Open in Space (15min)
    • One thrower (leaders as throwers, for increased throwing options & completion rate (with a force)
    • 1-on-1 in space, offense vs defense
    • Focus: keep optimal defensive positioning, stay on the right side of mark
  6. Questions (5min)