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Need some clarification on pick rules

I make a cut into an open space and stop some distance away, my defender is following and decides to look over his shoulder to see whats going on with the disc.. lets say hes not really watching where he is running at this point and runs into his own team mate that is static and has been static for a while and calls a pick.  I'm seeing this more often where the defender tries to steal a peek at the disc and picks themselves and not a result of the offensive player.  Is there a way to challenge the pick call? if its clearly not a pick as stated by the 11th ed. rules that the offensive player moves in a manner that causes the defending player to be obstructed by another player...

It sounds a bit unclear from your explanation what kind of time has elapsed between you stopping and the pick occurring. If you are stationary for quite some time, then yes, I would argue that you hadn't caused the pick. I would also say there is likely a bit of a gray area in the realm of the D taking a peek at the disc and being picked. I could envision scenarios where it would still be a pick (they're following you, take a peek, and someone else cuts across their path), or where it would not be (you cut the opposite direction as you were cutting when they peeked, and they continue on their path and run into another player), so I think it's a situation-specific rule application.

As for challenging the pick call, you are welcome to contest any call that is made, but doing so would not affect the outcome at all. The stall count will still start at one plus the previous number uttered (or 6 if it was over 5), regardless of whether or not you contest the pick or not.