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Two players going for a disc, they are tripped up and offense calls a foul. Defense agrees that there's contact but both players don't know who initiated it.
In this case, would it be wrong for the defensive player to contest?

Hi Carlos,

I'll assume that the offensive player is calling foul because they know they themselves did not initiate contact. Also that the contact clearly affected the play and is therefore not incidental.

If the defensive player does not think they themselves initiated contact, it is reasonable to contest the foul and the disc reverts to the thrower. In general, I think this is a reasonable outcome even if no player is at fault.

There may be different scenarios that apply to your question, but I think the following rule applies to scenarios where 2 players are running shoulder-to-shoulder and no player.

XVI. H2. Contact resulting from adjacent opposing players simultaneously vying for the same unoccupied position, is not in itself a foul.