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Here's everything you need to know about playoffs.

1) 8 team divisions: you get a quarters, semis, final format over the 3 weeks. You get a game per week even if you lose.

2) 10 team divisions: your playoffs are actually two weeks long AFTER one week of "regular" games. The first week's games are a kind of a feeling-out against the teams that are near you in the standings but if you lose them it won't count toward winning or losing the whole enchilada. In the second week, games are played for realsies. The first and second place teams play late games against the winners of early games. There's a funky mix of singleheaders and doubleheaders. Stay focussed and pay attention.

3) finding a schedule: there are 3 ways. You can a) find your team`s schedule off your team page. You can click the "Calendar" tab up at the top and then either b) click "Game Schedule" for all the games or c) click on a night in the calendar to see the games scheduled for just that night.

4) reading the schedule: Imagine you play on Identity Crisis and you see the schedule looks like this:

T201 Ugly Hucklings Panic! at the Disc...Oh 2012-07-31 6:30PM Rupert C
T202 Swing-credibles Fat Man and the Duck 2012-07-31 6:30PM Rupert C
T203 Identity Crisis Flickle Me Elmo 2012-07-31 6:30PM Van Tech Oval
T204 Gritty in Pink Rough Huckers 2012-07-31 6:30PM Van Tech Oval
T211 W-T201 W-T202 2012-08-07 6:30PM Jericho E
T212 W-T203 W-T204 2012-08-07 6:30PM Jericho E
T213 L-T201 L-T202 2012-08-07 6:30PM Balaclava
T214 L-T203 L-T204 2012-08-07 6:30PM Balaclava

It means on the 31st, Identity Crisis plays Flickle Me Elmo and Gritty in Pink plays the Rough Huckers at Van Tech. That`s easy. If you win that game (T203), on the 7th you play the winner of game T204 on Jericho E. If you lose you play the loser of T204 at Balaclava.

5) scores: please submit and confirm the scores. The scorebot will convert the schedule from game codes to team names and make it easier for people to see who is playing who.

6) spirit: spirit is important all the time but is especially important during the playoffs. It`s fun to win a division but that is no justification for treating the other team with less than total respect. Player safety still comes first.

7) random notes: no games are scheduled for Monday August 6th. I understand the following teams may not play in the final week because they have people going to Nationals: Battlecats, FMU and No Height and White. Games against these teams (or others) can happen in the Challenge Week, August 23-25. These games will be arranged in the Captains Forum.

Are the single header playoff games up to 17 with mirrored halves?


Games can indeed be to 17 with a mirrored half. But captains can agree to modify this format.

See default playoff rules here:

At bottom of that pag eis a link to the playoff brackets we use, too, in case you're wondering how things progress for your division.

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So FMU has enough players going to nationals that they cant field a team for playoffs, yet they manage to stay in Div 2 throughout the season. What are they, an olympic badminton team?