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I heard a rumor that the keg is only offered to teams in Div 1 now.


Is this true? I have not heard any official announcement on this.


Also, how does the spirt keg work?

No changes are planned to keg prizes this year.

- Monthly Spirit Winners: For each semester in the summer, the team with most spirit points on each night wins a pony keg from R&B. Those points are primarily based on game play, but players who volunteer for the VUL also earn points for their team. Winners for May & June will be announced shortly.

- Seasonal Division Winners: The team that wins playoffs for their division also gets a pony keg. We have discussed changing this for a few reasons, including some reports of unspirited play during playoffs. The VUL is very committed to Spirit of the Game in all we do, so we want to ensure any prizes we offer don't contribute to unspirited play. But no changes are planned to the division kegs for this year.