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The playoff schedules are coming! The playoff schedules are coming!

Later this afternoon, Monday and Tuesday schedules should be up. Wednesday and Thursday will appear over the weekend as scores are submitted and seedings get finalized.

Points of interest:

1) 8 team divisions have 3 weeks of playoffs. One game to 17 points per night. No mirrored half.

2) 10 team divisions have one extra week of league play and 2 weeks of playoffs. Doubleheaders galore.

3) 12 team division on Tuesday will have an 8 team playoff (as above) and the four teams of newbies will play each other in a playoff-lite format.

4) No games Monday August 5th. Monday games get pushed back a wek. Last nght will be Monday August 19th.

5) Will secure a few fields for Challenge Week, the week following playoffs.

6) Remember Nationals is happening during playoffs. Make sure you have enough players. Don't default. Don't pick up ringers.

7) PLEASE tell your captain to submit and verify scores within 48 hours of the game being played. The Schedbot will not tell you where you are playing next until it knows who won or lost your previous game.

And most important, Please Stay Spirited!

I'm curious of the logic regarding who plays who in the playoffs (for 8 team divisions).  I would have expected 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5, the winners going into semi finals (ie if according to seed, then 1v4, 2v3), losers going into their own semis, etc and so on. 


To take a random example that is nothing to do with my team (ahem), in Tuesday Div 3, the first round of playoff games will be 1v2, 3v7, 4v8 and 5v6.  Seems like one of the teams placed 5th or 6th will advance to the semis, while either 1st or 2nd can’t?! 


So, how does it work exactly?  (And please don't take this as criticism! I simply don't know how else to phrase an honest question!)


Our team has a question with respect to the Tuesday 10 team division. We wanted to confirm whether our division's format is single elimination? If so, how does that work with double headers scheduled?


10 team divisions just have 2 weeks of playoffs. Lotsa doubleheaders. Our playoffs aren't really "elimination" types, if you lose, you will still be scheduled to play additional games but you're out of the running to be Div Champ.

This is how the code looks. The f's refer to fields.

M101 week 1 6:30 PM x1 x8 f-1
M102 week 1 6:30 PM x4 x5 f-1
M103 week 1 6:30 PM x3 x6 f-2
M104 week 1 6:30 PM x2 x7 f-2
M111 week 2 6:30 PM W-M101 W-M102 f-1
M112 week 2 6:30 PM W-M103 W-M104 f-1
M113 week 2 6:30 PM L-M101 L-M102 f-2
M114 week 2 6:30 PM L-M103 L-M104 f-2
M121 week 3 6:30 PM W-M111 W-M112 f-1
M122 week 3 6:30 PM L-M111 L-M112 f-1
M123 week 3 6:30 PM W-M113 W-M114 f-2
M124 week 3 6:30 PM L-M113 L-M114 f-2

The tricky part is unsubmitted and unverified game scores don't get used for seedings. It is difficult to determine whether a 4-0 team should be seeded higher or lower than a 5-2 team when they both played 7 games, including an unreported head-to-head.

By the way, I fiddled a bit with Tuesday 3 because there were 0s in funny places in the standings report I was using. After I refreshed it, I reseeded and rescheduled a little. Should look better now.

To follow this up (because I know you were dying to hear from me again!). it looks like the quarters in Tues 3 went to seed, so (according to your perfectly logical code above) the semis should be 1v4 and 2v3.  Is there a reason then, that has it as 1v3 and 2v4?  

Sure, captains of the relevant teams could rearrange it when they turn up (if they care enough, which they might not), but I'd assumed (naively?) that the second round of games would be generated automatically once scores were submitted; how can a code be overwritten like that?  (Previous disclaimer  - re me not criticizing, just asking - still applies.)  

OK, thanks for clarifying.  I can appreciate that unreported scores mess with the system (although it seems there weren't any blanks in Tues Div 3, so yay us).

But now you've said you've rejigged that division, is it worth bringing to your attention my other post from last night ( ...?