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Rob By Rob

Hi all!

I just joined the Tuesday night adult summer camp at John Hendry Park in Vancouver and absolutely loved my first night of skill building and workout!

Not sure if this is the best place to post for this but I was hoping there may be others such as myself who know they have a lot of catching up to do on things like forehand throw accuracy and power and intend to get those 440 throws in between practices but don’t have a ton of friends or family who are able or interested in catching and throwing the disc back to us.

We all have varied schedules and other commitments etc of course but, unless a similar resource already exists, maybe we could use this thread to coordinate some practice meetups during the week and on weekends.

I live in East Van near the PNE but happy to travel a bit to practice and play. Aside from band rehearsal and getting back into regular running so I can keep up with you all a bit better, most of my M, T, Th weeknights and Friday/Saturday days are available to make plans. 

Looking forward to a fun frisbee-filled summer!



Hi Rob:

i love work on my throwing technique.

Maybe we can practice together.

here is my number 7789981973.

please text me.

Rob By Rob

So glad we met up Peter! All the tips and advice you gave me were super useful and have given me a way better idea about how to execute my forehand flick and better sense of the overall game. Thanks again and I hope we can meet up again as the season progresses!


Rob By Rob

Gonna head for Slocan park again today around 2/2:30 pm if I can find anyone else interested either here or via the summer camp FaceBook group

hosting a pick up game at slocan park 3 pm. I will show up around 2;45 to practice toss.

Rob By Rob

Hi Peter... my plan changed to Adanac Park so I can't make Slocan at 2:45 but might swing by on my way to work to see if those sunglasses are kicking around haha. See you around 3:40ish

You're always welcome to come join our practices! We have coaches to help as well!

Rob By Rob

Thank you so much Shawna.

That's great!

Will follow and be sure to make my way down sometime soon