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Our three month old shih-tzu/poodle needs to go to school. Anybody have any recomendations? We live downtown, so something close would be nice.

In the past year, I have taken my two beautiful cocker spaniels to puppy socialization (and beginner obedience) with DogSmart (www.dogsmart.bc.ca - link also below). They do an awesome job (positive reinforcement methods, non-abusive training), and are quite financially reasonable (IMHO). Their main location is near Main and Marine (another secondary place near Brentwood Mall in BBY)... but if you can make the trip that far, I very strongly recommend them.

that's great. I'm finding it intimidating, there are a lot of schools, and nothing to really differentiate them on the web. Personal references are always nice.

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I took my dog to Dogsmart as well, we just finished the intermediate class. They also do classes through the Vancouver School Board that are held at Brittania Community Centre, about 10 minute drive from DT.

We also had a good experience with Dogsmart. Just watch out for Alice, though - a bit of a control freak motherer.

We took our dog to classes run through the Vancouver School Board night school program and it was quite valuable. Possibly more cost effective than a commercial concern?

I've had Alice, for one of our girl's first Agility training. I personally didn't have a problem with her, she just needs folks to 'listen' when she's giving out important information, and gets more direct with those that don't.

The worst was a guy that showed up about 15 minutes late (or more) for the first class, and then just blew her off in a bad way about that his 'excuses' were acceptable (no apology or anything like that, just talking back that we shouldn't care)... and he didn't bring any treats for the dog (it's not like he'd never taken a class before and really should've known by then)... and he really didn't listen at all to her. She was clearly and openly ticked at this guy; he never showed up again (which was a good thing... I wasn't looking forward to him being in the class)... but IMHO, her reaction was clearly appropriate. I interpreted her reaction to him as simply looking out for the interests of the rest of us who'd paid not to be interrupted by someone who then needed to be "caught up" to the rest of us, and wasted our time with her needing to repeat what she needed him to do 4 or 5 times.

So yeah, she certainly does come across as a 'control freak', especially if you're the one who it's directed at. However, I'm looking very forward to her next Agility classes with my dogs (for which I'm already registered).

... but enough about her... let's talk about ME!