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Hey Rulez peeps,

I have a question about the quiz on  -  

An offensive player catches a disc while heading towards the sideline at full sprint. Her momentum takes her out of bounds where she falls. After regaining her composure, she jogs back to the sideline and establishes a pivot. A player on defense, waiting at the sideline where the offensive receiver went out, had started counting and is at stall 'six' when the offensive player establishes her pivot.

The available answers are:

  1. The offensive player may call 'fast count'.
  2. The defensive player is playing according to the rules. 

In the answer block there is some discussion about this and it's unclear. Here is what shows up after you submit your answers:

→ A defensive player can start the stall count as soon as the offensive player gains possession. There are two key sections of the rules that come into play here - sections XIV.A.2 "Only the marker may initiate or continue a stall count, and may do so anytime a thrower has possession of a disc that is live or in play.." and II.K "Marker: The defensive player within three meters of the thrower’s pivot or of the thrower if no pivot has been established. If the disc is not in play, a defensive player within three meters of a spot on the field where the disc is to be put into play is considered the marker."

→ This is actually not correct. The rule XIV.A.2 does not apply because the disc may be "live", but is not "in play". When the player does out of bounds the disc is no longer in play (i.e. he cannot make a throw from there). The disc must be checked and a pivot established for it to be "in play". II.R.1 clearly states "A disc is in play when play may proceed without the defense's acknowledgment. An in-bounds disc on the playing field is in play."

→ The rules state that the marker may stall if "the thrower has possession of a disc that is live OR in play" so in this case, though the disc is not in play, it is live and according to the rules the marker may begin stalling. So this answer is correct.

I'm not sure what the correct ruling is. I wrote the quiz in the first place so I *thought* it was that the defender could call stalls at the point where the disc is going to be put into play when the receiver has possession, but the discussion has raised some doubts and I'd like to clarify the correct answer on the quiz itself.

I think the second of your arrow points above has a fundamental error, and should not be considered. Without it, the first and third points combine to lead to an answer of "the defensive player is playing according to the rules". It is possible that there is a fast count going, but it would not be due to the mere presence of a stall count.

The error I'm referring to is that XIV.A.2 states that a marker can initiate a stall count if the disc is live, so it is irrelevant that the disc is not in play. As a result, the rest of that paragraph does not apply to the situation. (As an aside, note that play in this situation can proceed without the defense's acknowledgement - a check is not required).

Agreed. Rule XIV.A.2 is very clear that the marker can initiate the stall count whether the disc is live or in play.

There was an amusing incident of this scenario during the notoriously muddy 2009 CUCs in Winnipeg when a player (rumoured to be from Stella) laid out to save a pass, but slid out of bounds and into a gully. Unable to scramble out of the mud in time, she called a time-out around stall 8.