Recent website updates

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New features

Attendance emails - automatic sign in. When you click on a link in an Attendance Reminder email to set your attendance, you no longer have to sign in to the website. You are signed in automatically and your status is updated directly, saving you time.

Subs on Matchmaker
- Players can now indicate whether they are looking to Join a team, Sub for a team, or both. 
- Captains can now email multiple people at once, rather than having to contact each player individually. As part of this change, we also added additional filters to allow captains to narrow the list of players shown.

Subs on Rosters: Captains can now specify who is a Sub on their roster (edit your roster to do so). The Roster summary in the sidebar doesn't indicate who is a sub, but subs are listed separately on Game Attendance pages. Captains can see the attendance totals for all players (in blue at the top), plus separate totals for Players and Subs in the Female and Male sections.

Other fixes

Speed updates: Some members were experiencing very slow load times for MyVUL and the homepage this spring. That is fixed.

Setting attendance: Some members reported problems setting attendance for the second game on the Game Attendance page, and for setting attendance for "TBD" games on MyVUL. Those are fixed.

If you have any questions or challenges with the website, please email!