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In the grand scheme of things I know it’s not that important, but I’m curious about the way teams are ranked in the standings when they have identical W-L records.  To take a random example that has nothing to do with my team (ahem), let’s look at the three teams in Div 3 ( that are 5-2 in July: UH, FFT and IS.  

If those teams were ranked by head-to-heads in a three way tie, it should be FFT +4 > UH -2 > IS -2 [IS having lost the game v UH].  If they were ranked by points difference across the month it would be FFT +21 > UH +18 > IS +15.  If they were ranked by points scored it would be FFT 92 > UH 84 > IS 82.  (If ranked by spirit then IS 7.4 > UH and FFT 6.9.)

So, how does UH become top of the three under VUL criteria?  (And please don't take this as criticism! I simply don't know how else to phrase an honest question!)


Rob By Rob

Speedo magic?

Usually I just use the standings in the semester before the playoffs. It ranks teams on the basis of wins, losses and +/-. Head-to-heads are good for tie breaking.

It's obviously good to finesse the seedings with as much factor analysis as it might be possible to do but the reality is with 234 teams and a quick turnaround required for scheduling, I can't usually go beyond broad strokes which is unfortunate, especially for 6 team divisions in the single header format. I don't look backward as much as I should.