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and see how you fare on Ultipedia's 11th ed rules quiz.

(note: same quiz as was created in the fall, but maybe people forgot about/missed the initial post...)

also, if you can come up with other rules questions or misconceptions that aren't covered in the quiz, let me know.. I think it could use a few more questions to make it an even 20 questions (it currently has 16)

Also, it looks like Mortakai and I will probably be doing a rules talk on Ultimate Day, so be sure to get in your questions now..

You should add the following questions:

1) What happens when a throw contacts a blade of grass before being caught by a member of
the offense?

2) Where does the disc have to be put into play after the disc is turned over on the Playing Field


The answers gleaned through strict interpretation of the rules may be surprising. ;)

1) I saw the discussion at and don't really have much to add.

2) Where does the disc have to be put into play after the disc is turned over on the Playing Field Proper?

Um, What am I missing ?.. isn't it the resting place of the disc ? (potential embarrassment disclaimer - this is off the top of my head, after not really thinking about Ultimate for a few months..)

...put into play...

its a live disc so the disc is all ready in play


Yep, the disc is In Play. However, check out II.R.1, you can put an In Play disc into play:

II.R.1) A disc is "in play" when play may proceed without the defense’s acknowledgment. An
in-bounds disc on the playing field is "in play". The disc is subject to a turnover. To put the
disc into play at a particular spot on the field means to establish a pivot at that spot.

Putting the disc into play, means establishing a pivot, several rules use the term to this effect
for an In Play disc.


The issue I was alluding to is that there isn't actually a rule that says where the appropriate
spot is for a non-pulled, in-bounds, on the Playing Field Proper disc to be put into play.
Naturally, everybody knows that
the appropriate spot is where it rests, but there's no rule that you can point to which dictates
this. It's not a problem, but a quirk that's going to be updated in the next rev. I imagine.

Ah, I see what you're saying, Mr. T. I think it's merely implied that you're to put it into play where it lies, but it doeesn't explicitly say that anywhere. Hmmm... interesting.

The best I can point to is one of the initial statements in the rules that says a player may not run while holding the disc and may only advance it by passing. But that's still a fairly weak link to say this automatically implies that you put an on-field disc in play where it lies. Some may, and have, suggested that since it's explicit elsewhere in the rules when and where to move it, the silence in the case of an on-field disc means to not move it, especially when coupled with the above about not running while holding the disc.

Then comes the logical response of "well, can I walk while holding it then?"... and in fact, the 9th edition said "not allowed to take any steps", rather than "may not run". And until the 8th Edition changed it in 1984, ALL earlier editions since the very beginnning of the sport said "may not run, walk, or take any steps while in possession of the disc".

NOW I get your earlier comment (r.s.d. thread a week or two ago) about you running all over the field after picking up the disc. I'll still call you for a travel ;p

We'll definitely consider whether it's necessary to add something simple in the next update.

Heh, yeah, like I said not really an issue.

While the more extreme examples aren't exactly forbidden, the only time it really matters is
when somebody tries the old walk-past-the-marker-and-reach-for-the-disc-for-the-open-throw

You can call travel, but I'll still bounce-pass it past you in the cup.

Wait a second that's crazy. Everybody likes a literal interpretation of the rules now and again,
but let's stay in reality. You'd never be in the cup. :)

well, i WOULD be in the cup, but only for one swing, and then I'd be too tired and the score would happen very shortly thereafter.

Seriously tho', normally, I play the top of the cup in a conventional zone (or mid-mid depending on where I'm most needed). It's a good thing we don't often play a conventional zone ;p .