Rubber Crumb and It's health effect on children, please watch this video

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Synthetic Rubber, Rubber Crumb is discussed and it's effect on children.  This is a youtube video given by a medical doctor in the USA. If you have any time or interest or have children who play ultimate you might want to watch this. The first video is from the medical doctor the second one is a two year old U.S. news release about 3 federal agencies questioning the use of Crumb Rubber as playing fields; which is ground up car and truck tires.  From a medical perspective there is no short term reason to be alarmed; VUL players just need to shower and wash their clothes to safely play on these rubber crumb fields.  From a long term perspective the lead zinc copper and cobalt need removal.


Further to this I will be testing two additional turf fields in the next couple of weeks; I will post the results.  Joe Davis