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There's 789 games in total which means there's apt to be a mistake or two so check your schedules and ask if you have questions or concerns. Note though:

1) Games can begin at 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30 or 8:30. Pay attention to the time on the schedule. The general rule of thumb is 6:00 start for the first game on grass and 7:00 for synturf. 6:30 is for singleheaders that can go until 8:30 ish. If you have a singleheader that starts at 6:00 it will have to end promptly so the next singleheader (with two other teams) can start at 7:30.

2) Mondays and Thursdays we are exceptionally tight for fields. You may notice some funny repetition in your schedule or you may find yourself at an unfamiliar field. This is unfortunate but it's expected. If you are playing in the SHF, you are cycling through 3 or 4 fields so you'll be seeing a lot of them. Email me if you are scheduled to play two games at the same time but not if you play the same field frequently.

3) The above is mostly due to maintenance on fields like the Winonas, Oak Meadows and Slocan which has forced us onto other fields. Everything should return to normal after the third week and I will adjust the schedule (and let teams know) as soon as that happens.

4) We are using UBC again. At the Captains' meeting Craig and I emphasized the relationship between being spirited and being on time but please don't play hardball against a team who has trouble getting to Matthews or Spencer on time. It's far. On the other hand, try to get there in a timely manner because it's far.

5) People have been wondering about being put on a team. I used up all the ladies and made up two teams from the individual registrants. The reality is if there are 10 individual women I can only make 2 teams and it doesn't matter if there are 20 guys available or 60. There are many men still wanting teams. If your team seems light on men, go to the matchmaker and grab some.

6) If your team needs mentors or coaches, feel free to contact me. I will spend the next week or two matching people up.