Seeking Volunteers for E8s

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Everyone's favourite one-day elimination-style Canada Day Ultimate tournament - Elimination 8s - is coming up soon, and we need volunteers! Tasks we need help with range from set-up and take-down, to burger flipping at the BBQ, to photo-taking, to logistical support. 

Long term, we are also looking for people who might be interested in helped organize the tournament in the future.

Volunteers get free food, hugs, eternal thanks, and good karma for helping out a charity Ultimate tournament. In the last couple years, volunteers have also gotten FREE SWAG from Five Ultimate (fingers crossed - hopefully will happen again this year!). Who needs good karma when you've got free swag, amiright???

If you don't know much about the tourney, check out our website:

To volunteer, drop us a line at: elimination8s(at)gmail(dot)com



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