Select the Most Valuable Spirited Player at Nighthawks Games!

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Select the MVSP (Most Valuable Spirited Player) at Nighthawks home games for 2 VIP tickets!

The VUL sponsors the MVSP for both the home and away teams at each Nighthawks home game. The selector will be given a roster, radio and some instructions to choose who gets the MVSP prize for one of the teams. You'll need to follow each point of the game closely and take notes. It's actually a really fun way to watch the game, but of course you'll need to take the role seriously as your selection will represent the VUL.

We're looking for selectors for the following games. Selectors must arrive 15 min before game time:

Sat, May 10 - 7pm

Sat, May 24 - 7pm

Sat, Jun 7, 7pm

Sun, Jun 15, 6 pm

If you are an experience ultimate player who understands the game well, and will take this role seriously, email for more info.