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Let's say, hypothetically, that a team shows up to a mid-div game with seven players. Their roster has been decimated by injuries, and two of the players that show up are playing with injuries themselves.

Let's say, hypothetically, that they play a team with 16 players, and when they ask that team if they can borrow some subs, that team says no.

Granted Team A is responsible for fielding their own team, but again, they have a lot of injuries, and did their best to get more bodies out to the field. To what extent is it unspirited for Team B to refuse them subs? Do they bear no obligation whatsoever, or are they going straight to hell?

There is no obligation whatsoever on the part of team B, and they can rest comfortably in the
knowledge that their decision not to share players, at least, won't send them to the underworld.
There is no question of "spirit" here.

Having said that, assuming that the rosters are somewhat evenly matched to begin with, it may
not be a particularly even or enjoyable game.

I concur. There's so many valid reasons why a team may not want to share. And, as you
mention, the onus is on the team to field a roster.

Even if there are many good reasons why you can't get enough players, and even if you do a
yeoman's effort in trying to swell your ranks, I still think that warrants a docking of spirit if
you can't field 7 on the line throughout the game (not saying this was true in your case
Rusty). Despite your best efforts, you're still failing to meet your side of the contract. The
other team has come out to play, and you don't show. Sure it sucks to get docked spirit when
you tried your best, but ultimately whether it was intentional or whether individually you
could help it or not, your team still failed in that one aspect of spirit. Take it as the accurate
feedback that it is, understand what the problem is, and try to make sure it doesn't happen


Also, I feel that any request for subs from the other team should be prefaced with "We're
happy to take the loss, would anybody your team be interested in playing with us to get more
play time?" Not all teams will accept the auto-loss, even when sharing players. This isn't any
more spirited of them (but it sure is nicer and more adult). It's certainly not unspirited to
expect some type of forfeit if your opponent needs to borrow players (actually expecting to
win after borrowing players is unspirited).

By prefacing with the offer of the win, you'll find that people are more likely to want to share
their legs. Ultimately if you need subs, your goal shouldn't be winning. Your goal should be
getting some form of half-decent game going, both for your players and more importantly for
the team that showed up in strength.

I will voice the similar opinion of the two that posted before me. It is one of those annoying times when the result/action/fact speaks a larger volume then the situation.

Now, at the same time. The other team might be nice and offer to still play the game or play pickup and deemed that they won the game.

Actually the spirited thing is not to show up short handed or unable to field a team. If team A thinks they need extra players the appropriate response is to forfeit their game (unofficial forfeit, no fines needed) and then get the players acknowledging the loss. The onus to do the right thing here is on the team that is in the wrong.