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My team is trying to gather a list of spirit games (that does not include Entourage)
We'd love it if you could post below and we could all have a resource for new games :D

Mini Tanks!

Can you explain how it's played?

nep By nep

Here are some I like:

  1. Samurai
  2. Ho Down (Throw the Bail)
  3. Cat, Microwave, Tinfoil
  4. Rock Alphabet
  5. Shoe Kick
  6. Ninja Circle
  7. Evolution
  8. Windmill
  9. Caterpillar Disc
  10. T-Rex vs Pterodactyl
  11. One Hug aka Hug Chain
  12. Frisbee Duel


Here are some more adult ones:

  1. Electricity (Squeeze)
  2. Cop, Pimp, Ho
  3. Age Arranger
  4. Guess the Bra / Chest Hair

Ask me to explain one, and I will!

Shock, Double Shock, Variation Shock - Basically make two lines holding hands facing each other. A caller is standing at the end of the line holding a disc. Shock is when the caller shouts go each person at the head of the line squeezes passing the squeeze down the line of people like telephone. The last person in each line that receives the shock first grabs the disc out of the callers hand who is standing at the end of the line. This ends the round.
Double shock just passes the shock back and forth on the line then a run down to the caller..
Variation shock can have people run from front to back to start the squeeze again.

Circle of Tears, Circle of Death. Groups stand in three to five lines front to back radiating out from a center point. (The front person in each line should be able to easily touch the person in the line next to them. They should roughly form a circle. A roughly equal amount of people should stand behind the person in front (so five lines of 5 people for most double teams, with one caller outside). A disc is placed in a center on the ground between all the people in the front of their line. The caller calls numbers 1 through whatever the average line size is. This designates the person from the front who is running (people in front are one, behind them two, behind them three, behind them four etc..).
That person then has to run clockwise or counterclockwise around the group of people and return to a spot in the back of the line of their original group. (Set the direction at the beginning, you don't want people banging into each other). After a certain number of calls, (typically when everyone has had a run, then you can call for the Circle. The next person called has to run around and then go through the legs of the people in his line to grab the frisbee. First person to grab wins.
Circle of Death Variation has people instead returning to their same spot each time (if they were three they go back to three) this often requires some jostling. When Circle is called, they must run around until the caller says stop at which time they must go through the line that is closest to them. Unfriendly lines can close their knees (but not sit) to make it more difficult. Winner is the person who grabs the disc first.

I feel like I haven't played spirit games in a while :P sad. Here are some that I've played but might not totally remember the name or rules to

Chicken (circle game like Ho Down)
Rabbit (circle game like Ho Down)
Princess, Cowboy, Spoon
Scooby-Doo, Van, Fire Hydrant/Ghost? (can't totally remember if those are the calls)
Longest yell
Zombie Tag
Cyclops Tag