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The Spirit Hat tourney is Sunday April 17 at UBC. Players from every team are encouraged to attend - tell your team and find 2-3 people to sign up. You can play in the morning, the afternoon or both if you're hardcore.

This is an important gathering for the VUL community and it's your chance to show how spirited you are. Prizes will also be awarded during the event to those with spirit ideas they share. Wait, there's more! Attendees also earn points that count toward May spirit prizes. Visit the calendar to sign-up!

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And sorry for the multiple mailing. The bulk emailer and I weren't seeing eye-to-eye on a couple of things.


What times are the morning and afternoon session? I believe the Sun
Run is on the same day and a number of my teammates are participating
in it. Thanks!


The morning session will be 10am-1pm, while the afternoon will be 1pm to 4pm.

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It's gonna be lots of good fun that is funny!

Your mother will not mind at all if you play.