spirit points...a joke???

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whats the deal with this system...i think it suck...yeah i said it...it sucks

i play multiple sports in multiple different leagues and the way this system baffles me. i am a litte bit more competivie than the next guy but there are alot of over the hill men/women out there who are trying to hard to re-live there high school winning ways in this almost beer league sport. As a fierce competitor i love a great game, close score, tight defence, and i little bit of bumping and intensity.

and here is the thing...when you play the same way and lose dont be a sore old loser and give out crap spirit points bc you lose.

im am sick of playing games where if u win by alot u get crap spirit or play tuff and great and get crap spirit points.

the point...

if your gonna play and play stong dont be a baby and give the other team shitty spirit if you lose

If the system "sucks", why do you care what your spirit rating is?

It is not hard to play extremely competitively, even whilst smoking the other team, and come out on the other end with a decent spirit rating. If you are given a poor rating, I can assure you it is not b/c you are competitive or that you are kicking ass.

Looks to me like it might be your attitude...just a guess.

Ultimate is a sport designed to be competitive but fair - the kind where you can go out for beer with your adversary afterwards. If that doesn't suit your style, then stick with Rugby or Hockey.

Or, maybe try a new sport, like knitting, to reduce your stress level.

I'd actually like to introduce knitting on my team as a sideline sport. Then, just in case we meet a team like jeffalicious has described, we'll have all these baby things pre-knitted for them. We'd probably lose our "fierce competitor" status if we did that though.

the new system is interesting, but i would like to see each team's actual scoring of us. that would really makes sense. i mean what is the point of being evaluated with such specific criteria if we don't even get to see the evaluation, only the final results.

It's pretty common in the rugby world to sit down with your opponents post-game and hoist a few. Check your facts if you don't have first-person experience with the subject at hand and you won't be so uninformed.

Jeff (post #4),

You can see the breakdown for what each team gave you.

Team tab --> Team Admin --> view spirit rating (in right sidebar)

I can tell you first hand that the spirit system is improved from last year, but still has its flaws. Teams that get waxed still have the ability to give the team that spanked them a poor spirit score, just out of spite. My team is doing very well to start the season, has been dishing out a lot of lopsided wins, and our spirit score has been right at the top of the league. But, there are a couple games where the team has given us a poor score (relatively speaking), and the only reason I can possibly think of is because of some sort of payback. We're talking about games that were extremely fast paced, lots of fun, smiles on both sides of the field, no disputes, beer, a game at the end, big cheers, great sportsmanship by everyone, good work by the captains to ensure a fun game, I don't see how any team could give another a bad score based on that unless they were just bitter at the final score. I looked at the spirit the teams have given ours, and some of the boxes they left unchecked had absolutley no reason to be.

Did you go to the next step - communicate with the other captin to find out if their perception was different than yours? That's kind of what the process is meant to be, and assuming that they just didn't like getting beat doesn't help you, them or us.

Ideally, the new system gives teams an earlier indicater of possible issues, but it still relies on captains talking to work.


i think that only the captains can see that.

Spirit points are a joke.

The only use I can see for them i to encourage more "give" than "take" on the field, but our team is totally pre-occupied with our low spirit rating. We don't play dangerously, we try to have a good time out there, but we still get blasted in the spirit ratings.

In fact, our dedication to not taking it too seriously is abused almost every game by players calling weak fouls or picks, which in the end is to the detriment of the game.

Perhaps a bigger issue is teams that don't use their women players enough. That's way more offensive than a little of Jeffalicious' "competitiveness".

Also, the knitting idea sounds great. Perhaps we should drop the spirit points and adopt a knitting points system.