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Hey all,

Well, it's probably too late, but I've been hearing about his from several sources.

Turns out that the Canadian government has contracted out the processing of the 2006 census to US missile/bomb/arms/aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Not only that, but (like BC Medicare) all the information is accessible to the US government under their Patriot Act.

Check out or just google "Canadian 2006 census boycott" or such words. So boycott the damn thing to let Stats Can know that we don't want our information going to the US government via one of the world's largest arms manufacturers.

Well, here's Stats Canada's take on the issue.

So no, the US will not have access to Canadian Census data (unless they pay for the tables, just like everyone else, and even then, it's just results, not raw data).

Thank you for the link, T-dot. No offense Mayhem, but a lot of boycotts and such stem from someone acting on one side of a story, and a good story snowballing from there, with the facts getting lost along the way.

While the stats can site, unsurprisingly, attempts to cover its ass on one aspect (privacy) it still does not explain why an american arms dealer has the contract. And that's supposing that you believe that the USA through its agent, lockheed martin, isn't going to have a peak inside, no matter what a stats can politically appointed lackey posts about it.

It's current news that the NSA is listening to phone calls on _americans_ without due oversight - do you really think they will care about the threat of 6 months imprisonment in Canada, when there is no way, no how, there would even be an extradition for it?

There aren't any canadian companies that could do the job? Companies whose primary business isn't helping the american empire kill brown people and take their stuff?

The stats can rebuttal website is not answering these questions.



"Companies whose primary business isn't helping the american empire kill brown people and take their stuff?"

George Bush wants to talk to you in his office right now. And, he wants you to bring a slice of that meat lovers' pizza with extra pineapple you ordered Sat night. No, you can't know how he knows that. That would be called freedom of information and nothing's free in the Corporation of America.

I hesitate to reply again, because I feel like I'm encouraging the paranoia.

If stats can is contracting out the software and hardware to conduct the census, but it using stats can employees to actually conduct the census, Lockheed Martin does not touch any of the census data. As such, there is no way that the US gov't can obtain it through the Patriot Act.

Following your logic, anyone in Canada that uses Microsoft is also at risk since it's an American company also.

You can debate the ethics of using a Canadian subsidiary of an American "war-machine" but that's separate from the Patriot Act issue.