Summer League Pony Keg Winners

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In the past, the VUL has awarded R&B pony kegs for the winner of each division. Of course, winning is an important goal in playing sports, but we found that with the pony keg as a prize for every division, it created several spirit and rule disputes during play-offs.

As a result we’ve made changes to how we award a keg for each division. Keg winning teams were selected through a weighted random draw, with the number of ballots per team based on their overall contribution to the VUL community during Summer League. Teams started with ballots based on their average spirit score, were given extra for volunteer contributions, and had some deducted if they had defaults or forfeits, no female captain or rules guru, or major spirit incidents. The final number of ballots per team ranged from 1 to 20.

And without further adieu, the winners are….:


Div 1: Squid Wranglers
Div 2: Team Adequate
Div 3: Koopa Troopas
Div 4: Gummi Bears
Div 5: Team Panda
Div 6: Huck Society
SH:    CanHucks


Div 1: Snorkel Ferry Kittens
Div 2: Plaid to the BBone
Div 3: Critters
Div 4: The Avengers
Div 5: Jokers
Div 6: Summer Elves


Div 1: I AM FASH
Div 2: Batteries Not Included
Div 3:Stacked
Div 4: Hungry for the D
Div 5: Egg then Chicken


Div 1: Phoenix Ultimate
Div 2: Hammertime
Div 3: Hand of Chal
Div 4: Smooth
Div 5: Just a Fling
Div 6: Deep Throwits
Div 7: Phantom D-Rex
SH 1/2: Discombobulators
SH 3/4: Grass Stains

Championship Team Winners

Being the top team on a given night is an achievement that we feel still deserves recognition and reward. Therefore, the following teams will also receive an R&B Pony Keg for being the winning team on their night:

Monday – G-raff A-ttack
Tuesday – Octopi
Wednesday – ReTox
Thursday – Happy Stripes

Congrats to all the winners. If your team didn’t win, there’s always next Summer….!:)