Summer Party Postponed to Sept 12

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We've postponed the party to September 12 to allow more VUL members to attend. Ticket claims were lower than our past parties and we received anecdotal feedback that our typical September party date would be better. 

Here's some important party info:

1. Members receive 1 FREE BEER and the chance to win some great prizes.

2. You may bring up to 2 non VUL member guests. 

3. You must claim your tickets in advance.

4. The theme is "Animal Mash-Up" - Come dressed up or don't we'll have extra animal parts! With the different animal parts we'll mix and match by trading with others throughout the night.

5. Our main draw prize is.....CANUCKS TICKETS FOR YOUR TEAM! Your team must have at least FIVE members at the party to be entered in this talk to your teammates about attending too!

Read more and claim your tickets!