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Summer has just begun and League is almost over!! Isn't August the best time to play Ultimate? I know a few teams/people in the upper divisions go to Nationals, but what about the other 90% of the League? Don't you people want to play Ulti in August? Is it just me!?!?

No, I don't think it's just you. I would love to play another few weeks! But there's always September!

We'd all love to play 24 - 7 . And we do play well into August. Let's keep in mind that it gets dark as early on August 15 as it did during the first week of May... It's pretty tough to keep the double-headers going after that.

Art, you gots some of them books lernin'.

And, just try captaining into August, when playoffs clash with holidays. I used to love the six or seven bodies that couldn't make it just when we needed them most.

Given the light, seeding, etc, I've actually often wondered if we'd be better going to two semesters, playing one game to 17 each night and starting in the last two weeks of April. It would also help games start on time because you could start play at 6:30 and still be done before it's dark.

Don't flame the post - just a thought ....

Interesting idea.. How about starting at the same time, with singles the first two weeks, and having singles the last two weeks at the end. That would stretch the season by two weeks if my math is correct. Then we would be just about right!

ps damn those holidays!!!

Hmm, personally I hate single headers (to thirteen). To 17 wouldn't be so bad, but there's

always the problem of facing a team that's much better/worse and you only get to play for an


I like the idea of supplementing the season with additional single headers, as that's not taking

away any ultimate time.

Actually, games to 17 wouldn't be so bad. Even on the *short* nights where we get spanked in an hour and a wee bit, we could actually run a practice and get some attendance... something severely missing now. Maybe even mix it up with the other team and learn in a bigger practice or play another short/funner game.

Either way's fine with me though.

... and there's always pickup... all year 'round if my calculations are correct.

What about 2 short games during the last two weeks of april to be used for "tiering" and 1 long game during the 2 weeks of August for playoffs?

Anything to play a longer season...

Aaah -- but you can't get permits to use city parks in April. Don't 'tear up' because we can't 'tier up' in April...

Sheesh, that was a terrible pun - a true crying shame. In fact, my eyes are now tearing up.

Nice joke slowpoke. I like how you took the term which Art used two of its homonyms to make a

joke, and then thought you were being clever by adding your own joke using one of those same

two meanings... :)

I think tearing up (ripping up) the fields is what's preventing the fields from being used in April.

Ah well, it's far too late to use that now.

d'oh, you're right. total brain fart ...