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The VUL is pleased to announce that this summer we will add new support for transgender and gender non-binary players.

Read the news here:

Thank you VUL for your outstanding work on this. This makes me so proud of Vancouver ultimate.

Glad to hear it, Alex. :)  I'll pass your sentiments on to the Board.

Hey! I was reading the update and right now it says:

We’ll add a new profile question to be used for games: “Based on your gender identity, which gender would you be most comfortable matching up against?” There will be two options: Men and Women.

Two questions: (1) What is the reason to leave the "Neither/I don't care" option our of this? I personally have no preference whatsoever. (2) If my gender identity is not man or woman, and other people can only choose to be matched against men or women, who will I be matched against? There are only two options -- people who chose men, and people who chose women. Who will it be?

Hi una_dinosauria,

To address your second question first, players will no longer match up based on gender identity - i.e. they won't be matched up against men or women per se. Instead, players will be grouped into "those who are comfortable matching up against women", and "those who are comfortable matching up against men".

If your gender identity is neither man or woman, you can pick either group. If you have no preference whatsoever, one of our goals is to have balanced play during games, so we would encourage you to select the option that best matches your physical size, speed, etc. And your choice can be changed at any time (even during a game). 

For your first question, why not have another option for this new question? One main reason is to help games be manageable. With our new Gender Balance rule, at the start of each point, one team will indicate to the other what the ratio will be: 4M/3W or 3M/4W (where "M" is not "men" but "those who are comfortable matching up against men"). We considered adding another option (e.g. "O" for Open/Other), but that complicates things significantly at the field, and on the website with rosters and attendance status. 

A secondary reason for not adding an additional option was privacy. As QMUNITY highlighted to us, some trans and non-binary players may not be out publicly, and/or may not want their status broadcast across the field: "Next point is 3/3/1 because Darcy is playing." It likely wouldn't be communicated that way, of course, but we wanted to avoid the potential for that type of dynamic, and be respectful of players' privacy in general. 

I hope that answers your questions. The solution does have some compromises, but we are hoping it meets the needs of as many people as possible. If some aspects don't work in practice, we will look into making adjustments.