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anyone go?

how many people were there?

any notable players there or not there?

what was it like - a usual tryout or something different? (more intense as it is a professional team)

how many non-furious players crack the 25 person roster?

There were probably 40-50 players trying out last night, with maybe 20
volunteers (THANK YOU!) and a number of other spectators. It was very
well organized - each player received a 3-digit number and was
assigned one of three groups before moving off into stations and
running drills and a mini-scrimmage. The most interesting of the
stations was the "combine" station. Each athlete was measured for
height, reach and wingspan before being timed for two attempts each
at: 1) The cut drill - 5 yard run, turn and then 30 yard sprint and 2) an
80 yard sprint. It will be very interesting to see if the Nighthawks or
MLU make this information public.

After all the stations were complete, we broke into a refereed
scrimmage on an MLU sized field (80 yards x 53 yards). It was difficult
getting used to the refs counting stalls and there was still a little
confusion amongst the players, but it was a new rule set after all. The
new field size was a pleasure to play on. In my opinion, this is the size
of field that 14 tall, fast moving men should be running around on,
with the field being so less cramped. It did make for an easy end zone
offense though, something that defenses will have to learn to adapt

There were also a few video crews on hand (it was rumored CBC was
going to be there, but I can't confirm that) as well as numerous

I've been to a dozen or so tryouts in my life and this one had a special
energy in the air. It felt professional. It felt like an entirely new
beginning where it didn't matter how well/poor you've played in the
past - to make the team, each player was going to have to earn it. I'm
guessing there will be 5-10 non-Furious on the Nighthawks roster.

Notable non-Furious players who were there: Mauro Ortiz, Marc Roberts,
Mark Leduc, Kirk Savage (already signed). Notable absences: Oscar
(work), Seraglia, Brendo.

The combine continues tonight from 7 - 10pm at UBC Varsity fields.

m2c By m2c

First off big thanks to the Volunteer Crew last night. These things don't happen without dedicated people willing stand in the rain, time, measure and record results. Minor perk was being able to encourage players to "push it through the finish line". Great job all.

Second, it was fantastic to see so much great talent coming out. With the rain we were not sure, but the Nighthawks have a buzz about them and you could tell players wanted to come out and show their stuff. Sure there were the usual suspects, but a lot of young talent. I can certainly say that some of the young guns caught the eye of the coaching staff.

And last but not least, the spectators! As the night went on more and more started to show up. Nice to see that support at a tryout. Can't wait for the first home game April 27th.

I can confirm that CBC was out for the first 90 minutes. Interviews with Coaches, players and even one wet organizer. Story should run next week, I will post details here and on FB & Twitter (@VCNighthawks) once I have them.

It is happening again tonight. Same basic crew with some additional players who could only make it Thursday. Oscar will be there tonight. Can we all hope for better weather, although it would be hard to imagine worse.

Working on the stats from the timed drills, may post some of the best here later today. Checking on how Moses did now...


thanks Moses and Brian - couldn't make it out to watch in the rain - sounds like it was a great turnout

for those if us who haven't read up on the rule changes - could one (or both) of you summarize the differences in the rules and how the refs are different from observers

did the flow of the game during the scrimmages feel the same with the rule changes and refs?

i've been looking at the others published rosters and they seem to be about 75% the same as the club team -sounds like you think ours will be as well

refs call all fouls, players have no say (on a couple of occasions, players would
complain and then get roasted by their check while doing so...)
refs count the stalls (they say stalling... then 5... then they blow the whistle)
stall count is 7
travels are turnovers

some pictures in the link below!

What I love is the facial expressions and how much variation there is. Ie. from smiling to pure
exertion grimacing.