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Had a call today in 5x5 turf where there was too many men on the field. Foul was called by defence which is totally fine, but does it lead to turnover with a possession change? The defence was certain it was a turnover, I wasn't sure. Was more curious to the answer as I haven't seen that before.

Well rules-wise it would be a turnover... but I've rarely seen it enforced.. usually people just have it go back to where it was when the "too many men" first occurred.

As I said in a related topic in this forum (were you two playing against each other?), I don't know of any rules that could be interpreted to result in a turnover. The 11th Edition simply does not address a situation where there are too many players on the field.

It is unquestionably a violation (special note -- not a "foul"), but in keeping with the explicit theme of the rulebook, it would make sense to resolve the infraction in a manner that restores play had the infraction never occurred. Since there is no reason to think the extra player was *the* saviour of the offense, there is really no reason to resolve the infraction with a turnover.